A Pazhoor Group Company

Product Offerings

Manufacturing, Sales, Installation and Servicing of  Information Technology Equipment’s.


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Customer Care Agreements

Previously known as Annual Maintenance Contracts  to Corporate & SME Segment

  • System Troubleshooting
  • Windows Troubleshooting
  • Creating Worry Free Environment
  • Protecting the System from Virus and Spam’s
  • Printer and Monitor Maintenance, Repair & Services
  • All the Services related to Networking.
  • Services based on Internet & E-mails

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Facility Management Service

Service support, Warranty support &  Maintenance support of Computers and Peripherals, Telecom and Defence products

  • IT products & Systems Study, Consultancy & Training
  • Accounting Packages for Office/ Shops/organisations
  • Workshop PC Repairs and associated Services:
  • On-site, Remote and Managed Services:
  • Data Security and Data Recovery Services
  • Remote automatic backup solution

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Network Solutions

CCTV surveillance, access control devices ( bollard, boom barrier, spikes, UVSS, turnstile, motorized auto swing gates), visitor management solutions

Services for surveillance & protection like handheld thermal imagers, GPS, thermal binoculars, night vision devices, ruggedized computer, laptops, tablets, laser range finders, digital map enabled tablet pc's

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Our Alliances